The N17S model components are similar to the N17. Made of mahogany, it is also equipped with a red spruce top, but an interior dam “X” refined, giving it an even more precise sound. A lustrous finish distinguishes it from the basic model, in addition to an Indian rosewood rosette.

The N50 model is made of very high quality rippled maple. This is the only guitar in this series with decorative tabs on the Indian Rosewood case, giving it a nice finish. With a red spruce top and a refined “X” dam, this model will surprise you with its sound balance and its price more than affordable. Its finish is glossy and its triple rosette is in Indian rosewood.

This is our model N55. With a particular sound, the mix of cherry and red spruce that composes the body will surprise you with its perfect balance and sound precision. You’ll also appreciate the look of this guitar with a high-quality soundboard, a refined “X” dam and a lustrous finish that brings out its natural orange color.

In Indian rosewood, the N68 model has an “X” dam refined under an AA A red spruce top. Like most of our models, wavy maple strips and a gloss varnished finish, this model is a perfect visual and sound reference in the Adirondack series.

With its name inspired by a song, this model is made of Amazonian Rosewood. Of a brownish aspect with its glossy varnish, this wood gives an attack and an exceptional sound precision. With a high-quality red spruce top, including a refined “X” dam, a head logo inlaid with wavy maple and beautiful open wrenches, you can not ask for more for its price.

TB Blues pays tribute to Norman Boucher. Of a very rare wood, the Brazilian Rosewood inspired us for this particular model. By using our finest red spruce for the soundboard and the refined “X” dam, a mother-of-pearl rosette, wavy maple on the glossy case, we are particularly proud to present this model , with the powerful and precise sound of this very rare wood.