The first model in this Appalachian series, the OM17 is made of a mahogany body and a red spruce top. His triple rosette in Indian rosewood is his own in its category. The natural finish includes a satin finish. Its projection and sound precision is remarkable for its size.

Like all our models, the red spruce soundboard accentuates the sound of the body. Despite its smaller size, this mahogany model gives a very enveloping sound and very similar to the similar model of the Adirondack series. You will perceive all the roundness of mahogany and the power of a dam in “X” refined. The varnish is satin and the rose is in Indian rosewood.

Made of premium quality wavy maple, this model stands out with its finishing strips and rosewood rosewood rosette. This model has a red spruce soundboard as on all our models and a dam “X” refined. Its balance, its power and its sound precision are astonishing. Add a lustrous finish to bring out its natural wood lines on the crate. What more can be said !!!

The reference in the Appalachian series, the precision and the sound power of this model OM68 is remarkable. The AAA + soundboard includes a refined “X” dam. Wavy maple strips complete the beautifully polished Indian rosewood case. The encrustation of the “Richard” logo also in wavy maple, is a standard on all our models.